Painless, non-invasive woven eyebrows.

Each and every procedure will be performed by a highly-skilled professional. 

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Beautiful, natural eyebrows.

At Paramedic Aesthetic, we are dedicated to giving some much-needed attention to one of the most overlooked parts of the human face; the eyebrows.

Our beauticians at Paramedic Aesthetic practice the 6HD embroidery technique where, natural pigments are introduced into your skin for a more natural, well-groomed look. These eyebrows can be removed or even adjusted to suit your face with time.

Naturally beautiful eyebrows.

Book a free consultation now. Our highly trained therapists will explain what the procedure involves and arrange for an appointment at the salon to assess if and how the procedure can fit your needs.

Our award-winning 6HD embroidery technique gives you naturally beautiful eyebrows.

  • Feathered hair like strokes
  • Multi dimensional
  • Realistic - looks like hair

6HD eyebrow embroidery

Misty brows

Our cosmetic procedure is entirely painless and non-invasive.

  • Soft gradient
  • Powdered finish
  • Change the shape of the brow

Signature Combi

Naturally beautiful eyebrows for that well-groomed look.

  • Combination of hair like strokes plus a gradient
  • Bold, defined brows
  • For those who like the makeup look with little or no natural brows



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